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Detailed rules for the evaluation of 2019 graduate academic performance scholarship of the school of public health of Jilin University

發布者: [發表時間]:2021-09-27 [來源]: [瀏覽次數]:

According to the measures for the evaluation of graduate academic performance scholarships of Jilin University (Trial) (XF [2021] No. 72), these implementation rules are hereby formulated for the evaluation of graduate academic performance scholarships in 2019:

Article 1 evaluation principle

Adhere to the principle of "quality first, innovation first and contribution first", break the simple quantitative evaluation method, and reflect and break the relevant requirements of "five only" evaluation.

Article 2 Evaluation Organization

(1) Academic performance scholarship evaluation committee of the school of public health

Chairman: Liu Yawen

Vice Chairman: Yu Xihe

Members: Cao Jindan, Guo Li, Jin shunzi, Kou Changgui, Li Bo, Li Juan, Liu Jinyu, Liu Yajuan, Mei Songli, Shi Lei, Wang Wei, Xie Lin, Ye Lin, Zhang Xiumin, Zhang Yunqiu, Li Yin, Guo yinpei (postgraduate)

(2) Academic performance scholarship Supervision Committee of the school of public health

Chairman: Zhao Guoli

Vice Chairman: Yu Liang

Members: Tao Yuchun, Shen Yannan, Yang Shujuan, Ren Shuping, Chen Qiang, Li Hang (postgraduate), Wang Xiaomu (postgraduate)

Article 3 basic conditions and reward standards

Our graduate students included in the national graduate enrollment plan. The applicants for this assessment are our graduate students registered in 2019 and graduate students graduated in 2018, excluding international students. Specific requirements are as follows:

1. Basic conditions for applying for graduate academic performance scholarship:

(1) Love the socialist motherland and support the leadership of the Communist Party of China;

(2) Abide by laws and regulations and school rules and regulations;

(3) Pay attention to all-round development and excellent comprehensive quality, and play an exemplary role in various activities;

(4) Actively participated in scientific research, with excellent academic achievements and outstanding academic achievements.

2. If a graduate student has any of the following circumstances in the year in which the academic achievements are generated, the qualification for evaluation shall be cancelled:

(1) Failing to register within the time specified by the school;

(2) Retaining student status;

(3) Subject to disciplinary action;

(4) Having academic misconduct;

(5) Causing heavy losses in scientific research or experiments;

(6) Damaging the honor of the school.

3. Scholarships for academic achievements of Postgraduates shall be awarded by grades. The reward standard of first-class graduate academic performance scholarship is 20000 yuan per student, the reward standard of second-class graduate academic performance scholarship is 10000 yuan per student, and the reward standard of third-class graduate academic performance scholarship is 5000 yuan per student.

4. The specific quota of each award level shall be determined by the evaluation committee according to the amount of award funds issued by the school budget and the number of applicants. Natural science and social science are evaluated in two sequences.

Article 4 requirements for students' achievements

1. Academic achievements refer to officially published or authorized innovative research achievements, mainly including academic journal papers, academic conference papers, Monographs (Translations), patents, works, national (industry) standards, software copyrights, consulting reports, science and technology reports, national defense reports, major project conclusion reports, scientific research awards, competition awards, achievement transformation, etc.

2. For academic papers, the applicant must be the first author. If the applicant is the co first author (including the first natural ranking), it shall be specially explained to the evaluation committee. For other research results, the applicant must be the first adult other than the tutor. The first completion unit of the achievement must be Jilin University.

3. The starting and ending time of recognition of academic achievements is from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

4. Requirements for supporting materials: the applicant shall provide supporting materials for academic achievements, which must be signed by himself and his tutor. A copy of the first page of the officially published article (with volume, issue, page and other information) shall be provided for the academic paper, indicating the official publication time, author order, author unit and other information. If the applicant is the co first author (including the first natural ranking), it shall be specially indicated; A copy of the patent authorization certificate shall be provided for the patent; The winner of the competition must provide a copy of the award certificate. For other achievements, corresponding supporting materials shall be provided.

Article 5 scoring rules

1. Academic journal papers:

(1) Natural Science Papers

SCI papers: score according to the division of papers (Division 1, 200 points; Division 2, 150 points; Division 3, 100 points; division 4, 50 points; divide the score of the first author by 2); EI, 25 points; Core journals of natural science and MEDLINE (within the scope of degree awarding achievements of departments and colleges), 10 points.

(2) Social science papers

Class A, 200 points; Class B, 150 points; Class C, 100 points; Class D, 50 points; EI, 25 points; MEDLINE, core journals outside the catalogue of philosophy and Social Sciences, 10 points.

2. Other results

Academic conference papers, Monographs (Translations), patents, works, national (industry) standards, software copyrights, consulting reports, science and technology reports, national defense reports, major project conclusion reports, scientific research awards, competition awards, achievement transformation and other achievements shall be comprehensively evaluated by the academic performance award evaluation committee of the college according to the quality and innovation of the achievements.

Article 6 selection rules

1. The academic performance scholarship evaluation committee of the college shall conduct a comprehensive evaluation according to the practical significance and value contribution of academic performance.

2. The evaluation shall be carried out in accordance with the procedures of "student application, tutor recommendation, preliminary evaluation and recommendation of the college academic performance scholarship evaluation committee, and review and determination of the school evaluation leading group".

3. In case of any kinship, direct economic interest or other circumstances that may affect the fairness and impartiality of the evaluation work, the members of the evaluation committee shall take the initiative to apply for withdrawal.

4. The list of recommended candidates shall be publicized on the college website for no less than 5 working days.

5. After there is no objection to the publicity, the list of recommended candidates, relevant evaluation materials and evaluation work report shall be submitted to the Graduate School of the University for review and filing for future reference.

Article 7 matters requiring special explanation

1. Single negation of failing the degree course, violating discipline and being punished at all levels.

2. If anyone is found to have plagiarism, fraud and other misconduct in his academic achievements after winning the award, once verified, he shall be given disciplinary sanctions in accordance with the relevant regulations of the University, be disqualified and withdraw the scholarship.

3. The same achievement can only be used once in the same evaluation during the semester.

4. Academic achievements that do not belong to the name of the college shall not be recognized as effective achievements.

The power of interpretation of these rules belongs to the school of public health and shall come into force as of the date of promulgation.

School of public health

September 2021

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